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Parboiled Rice

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Product Description

500g package of parboiled white rice. Also known as converted rice, it's rice that has been partially precooked. Parboiling is the process of steaming and then drying rice while it’s still in it's outer husk. Parboiling makes it easier to remove the husk of the rice before eating it. The process also improves the texture of the rice, making it fluffier and less sticky when you cook it.

Parboiling rice changes the rice at a molecular level. Overall, parboiling rice increases its nutritional benefits. Compared to regular white rice it has fewer calories, fewer carbs, more fibre, and more protein.

Prepare as you would regular white rice, though it may take about five minutes longer to fully cook parboiled rice.

Nutrition Information

A one cup serving (155g) of parboiled white rice contains: 

  • Calories: 194
  • Fat: 0.5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 41 grams
  • Fibre: 1 gram
  • Protein: 5 grams