FREE local delivery on orders over $99

Delivery & Pick-up FAQ


*Please note: For everyone's safety, our driver will not enter your building. If you live in an apartment, you will get a phone call to let you know your order has been delivered to the lobby.

Do you deliver all your products? Yes! All the products on our website are available for local delivery. Even the items that don't qualify for shipping.

When will my local delivery order arrive? From Tuesday-Saturday, all orders received before 6:45pm will be delivered same-day and orders received after 6:45pm will be delivered the next day. On Sunday, you must place your order by 3:45pm for same-day delivery, and we are currently closed on Mondays. Exact timing can vary slightly depending on how busy the market is, but here's an idea of your delivery window:

  • Take-out food: delivered within 45 mins
  • Grocery orders: delivered within 2 hours

Order Timing: We only prepare orders during regular business hours, so if you place an order at midnight, or 6am, we won't start preparing it until we open at 11am :)

How much will local delivery cost? Your delivery fee is based on the first three digits of your postal code. 

Grocery orders over $99 get FREE same-day local delivery! During regular business hours only - please note we are closed on Mondays.

Rates for all orders less than $99:

  • Zone 1 ($5): B3K, B3L, B3H, B3J and B3N
  • Zone 2 ($8): B3S, B3M, B2Y, B3A, B3B and B3P
  • Zone 3 ($12): B2X, B2W and B3R
  • Zone 4 ($14): B4A and B2V

What if my postal code isn't listed? If you don't see the first three digits of your postal code listed above, you are located outside our local delivery area. You can choose Pick-up (free) or $18 Flat Rate Shipping at checkout. Please note, not all products are eligible for shipping, so make sure you only put products in your cart that can be shipped. Every product page has shipping eligibility clearly stated in the product description. Click here to view our collection of shippable products.

Who will deliver my order? Your order will be in the hands of another local business, our trusted delivery partner: The Wright Courier. That means, when you order delivery from us, you're actually supporting two small businesses :)


How much does shipping cost? We offer $18 flat rate shipping across Canada on all orders up to 10kg. 

Do you ship all your products? We ship most of our products, but we don't ship any fresh produce or temperature controlled food (from the fridge or freezer). Every product page has shipping eligibility clearly stated in the product description. If you only want to view the products that qualify for shipping, click here to shop our Shippable Products category.

How long will it take to get my order? We process shipping orders within two days and ship via Canada Post. Exact delivery times can vary, but you will likely have your order within a week or two, depending on your location. You will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped, so you can keep an eye on it's location and estimated delivery date.

Winter Shipping Note: Some products can freeze if left outside at below freezing temperatures. During the cold winter months, please have your order shipped to an address where someone will be home to receive it. While we always do our best to package orders for safe arrival, we can't accept responsibility for frozen or damaged products that were left outside in the winter for an extended period of time. 


When can I pick-up my order? Take-out food orders will typically be prepared within 20-30 minutes. Grocery orders will typically be prepared for pick-up within 30-40 minutes of purchase, during regular business hours. (Exact time can vary slightly depending on how busy the market is). In either case you will receive an email as soon as your order is ready for pick-up. You also have the option to request a specific pick-up time by leaving us a note in the space provided on the cart page. 

We only prepare orders during regular business hours, so if you place an order at midnight, or 6am, we won't start preparing it until we open at 11am :)

Please Note: We can't store grocery orders for days at a time, so please come pick up your groceries shortly after you receive your "ready for pick-up" email. If you won't be coming to pick-up until a later date, you can leave us a note as mentioned above, so we know when to prepare it for you. Thank you!

Do you offer curbside pick-up? We don't have parking spaces directly in front of our shop, so unfortunately we can't offer this service. There are lots of side streets nearby for parking. If you want more information on where you can park, check out the parking map on the bottom of our home page. If you aren't comfortable coming inside to pick-up your order for any reason, you can call and let us know you're waiting outside. We'll bring your order out to you.

Is there a fee? No way! We're happy to pack up your grocery order for you, and we'll never charge you for the service. 

More questions? Click here to get in touch with us!