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Syd Delicious Cinnamon Buns (6 pack)

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Product Description

A six pack of everyone's favourite cinnamon buns from Syd Delicious! These are baked locally, packaged, and frozen for freshness. Simply reheat them in the oven and they'll be fluffy, and sweet, and everything you could want in a cinnamon bun! They even come with her famous icing for drizzling on top when they're nice and hot from the oven. 

Reheating instructions: Thaw first. Remove cover and icing pack. Bake at 350 for about ten minutes. Smother with icing and enjoy! 

Ingredients: (Buns) flour, vegan margarine, sugar, soy milk, cinnamon, yeast, salt, brown sugar. (Icing) icing sugar, vegan margarine, vegan cream cheese, soy milk, vanilla. 

Frozen product. Once thawed, store in the fridge and consume within one week.