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Sine Coffee

Sine Coffee

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Product Description

For the coffee connoisseur, this is the specialty coffee we carry from Sine Coffee Labs. 340g bags whole bean coffee.

"Specialty coffee is a term used to refer to coffee that has scored over 80 points on a 100 point scale by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). At Sine Coffee Labs, specialty coffee means more than scoring over 80 points. Coffee is a finite organic commodity that is exotic by origin, but extremely ubiquitous among our daily lives. We want to be the connection between you and the entire coffee industry. As a company, we care about the genetics, harvests, fermentation, roasting, and sustainability of our product."

Choose from:

  • Resonance (medium roast)

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Black Cherry, Red Plum.

Region: Costa Rica / Brazil
Varietals: Villa Sarchi, Caturra, Mundo Novo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1100-1600 MASL

" Resonance is the new product we created at Sine Coffee Labs to provide a solid, delicious offering for our customers to have continuously. Coffee is an agricultural product and like any crop, it will produce fruit in different seasons at different times of the year around the world. Resonance allows us to provide our customers with fresh, consistent coffee to you year-round. At times, this coffee could be a blend of a different coffee origins and processes, or it could be a single origin, but it will always be approachable for all coffee drinkers alike."


  • Ethiopia Aricha (light roast)

Notes: Black Tea, White Peach, Wildflower Honey.

Farm: Cherub na Betesebu
Varietals: Indigenous Cultivars
1900 - 2100 MASL


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