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Halifax’s fully vegan market with same-day local delivery*
Halifax’s fully vegan market with same-day local delivery*

Seth's Famous Onion Gravy

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Product Description

12oz container of the best dang onion gravy around! It may not be world famous, but it's famous at our family gatherings. Seth is always asked to make the gravy and everyone tops their meals with it - vegans and omnivores alike! 

Perfect for holidays or just taking a meal to the next level. We suggest pairing it with our Homestyle Meat and Potatoes meal and cranberry sauce.

Frozen product. 2-3 servings per container.

To Prepare: This product is frozen. Simply thaw and heat as desired. You can transfer it to a pan and heat it stovetop, or use the microwave. (The container is microwave safe, just pop the lid to let steam release.) Stir well before serving.

Ingredients: yellow onion, water, soy sauce, nutritional yeast, canola oil, garlic, organic vegetable broth concentrate (carrot, celery, onion, maltodextrin, salt, tomato paste, cane sugar, yeast extract, carrot juice, corn starch, celeriac juice, garlic powder, onion juice, spices), corn starch, black pepper.